Acne Blemish and Your Options

The occasional acne blemish is annoying, and blemishes have an uncanny habit of showing up when they are least wanted. One thing to remember is that the way you treat acne when it first appears will determine how long you have to look at the blemish in the mirror. You can hurry the healing process on its way and prevent the blemish from getting worse.

Skin Care

There are so many variations of the acne blemish treatment available on the market it can be hard to understand what would work best for you. If you are one of those people suffering from breakouts and need pimple treatment that will work for you, you may end up disappointed after you try and try with many different forms of over the counter medication.

When you spot a blemish, popping it should not be your first option. Popping a pimple at first sight, hopeful for eradicating it before anyone else can see it, usually makes the situation worse. If a pimple has formed a head, though, then it should be popped so that it can heal. However, squeezing acne before it is ready is bad for your skin and is a poor way to treat acne. When it will not pop, most people continue picking and pinching, which bursts the capillaries (tiny blood vessels) right beneath the skin’s surface. This essentially forms a little bruise on your face that is likely to be very visible even after the pimple itself has healed.

Dealing with a Pimple

Once you get an acne blemish, you do still have a few ways to treat acne, but some of them are costly. One new product, called the Zeno acne-clearing device, claims it can eradicate most pimples within twenty four hours. It works by focusing a specific amount of heat on the pimple, which destroys the bacteria causing the blemish. Some people claim that it works perfectly for them, while others say it has virtually no effect on their acne. Luckily, the company offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. The only drawback for people who find Zeno effective is that it requires disposable tips to work, which some people claim are somewhat pricey depending on how many pimples there are to treat.
Another product used to treat existing pimples is a pen that uses various frequencies of concentrated light. It has been known for a long time that exposure to sunlight helps your skin fight acne, but scientists have determined that the two specific frequency ranges that are most effective appear to us in the form of blue and red light. The blue light works to kill the bacterium that causes acne, while the red light stimulates the healing action of your skin. Dermatologists have used red and blue light treatment for quite sometime, but the light pens that are currently available are completely portable and do not require any replacement tips. However, like Zeno, some people report amazing results from using a light pen while others see absolutely no results at all.

The worst thing you can do when you develop an acne blemish is to try popping it prematurely or washing vigorously to attempt to make it disappear. Zeno and light pens may work for you, but there are no guarantees. These treatment methods do not prevent acne breakouts, and considering the 50 price tag attached to each of these devices, many people are content to simply let the occasional pimple run its course.

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